At FLATLABO, we use an ultra-high precision
non-contact line scanner
to deliver the world’s highest resolution images.
It is great not only for scanning museum collections
but also for scanning cultural heritage objects or precious
and fragile dry or wet plate collodion negatives.
Using state-of-the-art technology, we can convert your artwork
into digital data to be used in a wide range of applications,
including reproducing artwork
and being incorporated into video work.

  • Possible to scan on site

    Possible to scan on site

    This scanner is composed of a separable unit structure, so it can be disassembled and transported by ordinary vehicles. For objects that are difficult to move, such as valuable art works, or objects that have a risk of damage, the point that the scanner body can directly travel to the site is one of the major advantages.

  • High-end color management technology

    High-end color management technology

    The advertising industry requires extremely high quality in subtle color expression and reproduction of original colors. FLATLABO has been leading the industry for many years with the high-end color management technology. We have enough skill to reproduce the original color range clearly.

  • Non-contact scanning

    Non-contact scanning

    For film scanning of glass dry plates, the damage of contact by using flatbed scanner was a major problem. FLATLABO solves this problem by non-contact scanning.

  • FLEXTIGHT film scanner

    FLEXTIGHT film scanner

    Sharpness, Color, Shadow Detail, with no compromise high-end scanning. Up to 8000 dpi. From 35mm film to 4x5 film are available.