UV print

UV flatbed printers are capable of handling a wide range of
innovative applications on rigid and flexible media,
which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
It allows us to print on practically any substrate
of uniform structure up to 50 mm in thickness.
Media options include popular substrates such as
aluminium composite material, styrene board, wood,
metal, and a vast range of plastic materials.

  • Aluminium composite material

    Aluminium composite material

    This is a three-layer structure material in which aluminium is sandwiched between resin core materials. It has excellent smoothness, light weight and high rigidity, so your work will be kept beautiful even in large size.

  • Wood


    We can output to various types of wood. The texture of the grain appears in the highlights, giving it a gentle texture. By partially using white ink, it is possible to express the color firmly while making the best use of the wood grain.

  • Fabric


    We can propose materials such as tarpaulins, canvas, media for fabric frames, etc. according to the usage. You can hang it like a banner to display it, or wind it around a panel or a special frame, giving you a wide range of processing freedom.

  • Styrene board

    Styrene board

    A lightweight, easy-to-install styrene board, you can easily get the highest quality output. Since it uses high quality domestic board, it does not warp significantly.