Photography Studio

We offer a product design for photography studios.
We create a range of original products for your store
to ensure customer satisfaction,
and increasing repeat purchase rate.
Our clients are not satisfied with mass-produced,
cookie-cutter items, so they love handmade,
museum-quality products.
If you are interested in our product range
for photography studios, please feel free to ask for details.

  • Wood photo panel

    Wood photo panel

    A wood photo panel using a technique of water pasting. As the surface is laminated, it retains its beauty for a long time. The original size is available.

  • Acrylic photos

    Acrylic photos

    Desktop type series that can be displayed on a desk or cabinet by attaching a special stand to FLATLABO's photo acrylic. It is a small size and has a museum quality finish. It can be changed to a cute rounded corner specification.

  • Acrylic cube

    Acrylic photos

    Mount on a 20 mm thick acrylic cube type. It gives a more three-dimensional finish. It stands on its own, so you can stand it up and decorate it.